AMIN Partylist PRESS STATEMENT on All-Out War Order on GPH vs. CPP-NDF-NPA

AMIN Partylist PRESS STATEMENT on All-Out War Order on GPH vs. CPP-NDF-NPA

Anak Mindanao Press Statement

We are saddened by the termination of the peace negotiation of government with the National Democratic Front (NDF). This is aggravated by declaration of all-out war by President Duterte against the New People’s Army.

This is a miserable way to end the positive strides that the peace process with the communists had achieved. Supposedly, the government was on the right track and several gains were attained.

War is never an option. In war, civilians are the sure losers.

Hundreds of thousands of Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao were affected by the fighting between forces of government and the NPA. They were killed and uprooted from their dwellings and sources of livelihood.  Notwithstanding the psychological effect of conflict to women and children.

On the other hand, as shown in the of conflict in Mindanao, the war in the Moro region recently forced more than 123,000 people, or 24,700 families to flee their homes.

We hope that this development in the NDF peace process will not be the template of government in the doing the peace process with the Moro fronts.

We urge the President to consider the peace process as the best option!

We call on the NDF to restraint its ranks and abide by the initial agreements!

We call on peace groups to actively engage the parties in the peace negotiation to pursue the peace process!

For more details, thank you for calling Mr. Tom del Monte, Secretary General, AMIN Partylist, at 09170310689.

February 07, 2017

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