AMIN or ANAK MINDANAO is a Party List Organization composed of the marginalized sectors of the three peoples of Mindanao-the Moro, Lumad and the Christians Settlers. AMIN was founded upon the principle that tri-people unity is the key to the attainment of lasting peace and development of Mindanao.

AMIN believes that the direct participation in the electoral exercise through the Party List System will contribute to the overall advancement of the Mindanao people’s struggle, hope and aspiration for just, peaceful and progressive Mindanao.

Since its founding in 1998, AMIN had already won seat in Congress for three terms- the 12th, 13th and 14th congress. Since then, AMIN became the most consistent in advancing the issues, concerns and legislative agenda of the three peoples of Mindanao in halls of Congress.

AMIN’s experiences in the electoral struggle and legislative work proved that by a strong, determined and united stand of Mindanaoans, not only gives chance for Mindanaoans to be represented in the Congress, but more so, it makes every Mindanaoan’s dream possible  for One peaceful and One progressive Mindanao.

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